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Meta-conscious Photography

In the context of art, "meta-conscious" refers to a heightened awareness and understanding of one's own artistic process; additionally, meta-conscious artists may be interested in exploring the relationship between their own personal experiences as well as the broader cultural and historical context in which the art is being created. A meta-conscious artist is one who is aware of their own influences and motivations, as well as the impact of their work on the art world and society at large. This heightened awareness can lead to a more thoughtful and intentional approach to creating art, as well as a deeper understanding of the role of art in society.

For me, the prefix, meta, has a double meaning in my being a photographer, because it's the metadata is what's embedded on each image, which takes record of the camera, the lens, settings, and even GPS location if that camera has that function built in.

I've been involved in photography since I was first given a camera in high school, way back in 1987, worked as an assistant along the way and simply enjoyed it as a hobbyist until 2008. After deciding to retire from IT, telecom and engineering, I had acquired enough time in hours from shooting over the years and had developed the skill (and some courage) to then pursue my passion as a career.

Some of my professional clients have been the Goddesses of The Chocolatree in Sedona, Arizona. Alex and Allyson Grey at C.O.S.M., Yogini Dashama Gordon Konah, to name a few.

Most of my work has been primarily based out of Los Angeles, Miami and the Tri-state area, and 2020 was looking to make New Jersey my home base as I was ready to launch my new studio earlier in 2020, but then like everyone else, COVID affected us all, and so a new opportunity appeared to which moving to Florida became a better option.

One of my favorite aspects of shooting photography is the many people you meet along the way, as well as the creative element they bring with them. Whether it's been a high paying or celebrity client, or even an even exchange in trade, I treat every opportunity and client as I would the other and always bring my passion to the set and then my artistic flare and styling in post editing.

Along with my passion for photography, I've been a very empathic being, using my gifts in the past in the as a healing practitioner. Some would describe me as a medical intuitive healer, others a medium-channel, others as psychic.

I don't like to use conventional labels or terms as my gifts often manifest in many ways, but yes, I do possess all of these abilities and have used them in a professional capacity since I was 16 years old, including having built and co-owned a very successful holistic healing center and community acupuncture in New Jersey.

The modalities I have employed have been Refllexology and Reiki (Reiki Master since 94') but my adopted method of energy work has replaced Reiki and is more effective (for me and my clients) in terms of how I practice my work.

I decided to pursue my passion of photography as it compliments what I see in terms of synesthesia and energy in general. When I write that I, "see inner-beauty", it's not a cliche, it's true. I choose not to see with just my physical eyes, but observe the person I am collaborating with, drawing upon their words, their energy and something which isn't always present at the surface layer.

I would also like to give special thanks to the mentors who have helped to cultivate my skills in photographer and who include:

- Barry Druxman (A master of high fashion, portrait and editorial styles of photography and much more)

- Ed Fox (A long-recognized industry shooter specializing in boudoir, lingerie, fetish and erotica)

- Neil Van Niekerk (A well-known photographer who specializes in portrait, wedding, and boudoir photography).

And many others... Oh, and the models, make-up artists, stylists and fellow photographers who have shared so much of their professional knowledge as well and become friends along the way.

I look forward in hearing from you and if we can create some meaningful art. I know that if our paths are meant to be walked together upon for a time, it will be something extraordinary.

Namaskaram... truly, Johnathan

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