Photography has changed over the years and with it, technology has allowed it to become affordable and put in the hands of everyone. The features that come standard on the latest iPhones or Androids or GoPros are simply amazing, however, there are still many opportunities and shoots that require the look that only a traditional camera, and with the many various lenses used, can give you. That's where I come in.

I like to make my services available to everyone and that includes every budget. I offer several packages that cover the majority of what my clients have asked for and in the range where it's a very good investment to them.

However, being as everyone has different needs, some packages have to be customized to meet individual needs and so, if what I offer here doesn't fit your needs, contact me and let's discuss what you had in mind.

~ Johnathan


The Best of You - Photography Session with Digital Images Delivered - 3 Shots - Headshot, 3/4 & Full Length combo.

What you'll get:

- Minimum of three total shots (best picked by my decision in the studio in post editing) within an hour. Direction for posing, standing, etc., will be directed by myself (unless you model for a living) and made easy to get your desired look.

- Shooting on location includes utilizing the backdrop from the surrounding areas we choose to shoot, as well as an umbrella, lighting and neutral portable backdrop.

- Photography includes post-editing in Lightroom/Photoshop to perfection.

* You are always welcome to have a chaperone at any shoot we do together.


What you'll get:

- Five looks (best photos chosen after in post production) within a 2-hour session. This includes a headshot, 3/4 or full-length pose based on best shot taken of each group.

- Shot on an agreed upon location and/or professional studio (rented or my own).

- Photography includes post-editing in Lightroom/Photoshop to perfection.

- Help with setting up a new free account on Model Mayhem (check out so that you can get into the world of modeling. Again, the cost for this is free to anyone who wishes to join.

* You are always welcome to have a chaperone at any shoot we do together.


The pricing of this is a value in that it will represent your business daily and for years to come.

What You'll Get:

Custom Business Presentation Package

2 hours: At customer location (within 25 miles of my home) +$20 each additional 10-mile intervals (25-35 miles / 35-45 miles/etc.) Big cities with additional tolls and parking (specifically NYC) Add +$100

Package includes:

- Shooting location, outside (If applicable), or interior entrance (door/suite entrance) - Head-shot, 3/4 or full-length shots of Owner(s) (up to 2) and 8 staff members ($10 each additional staff/employee) - 5 rooms or choice of either office space/warehouse/parking lot/exterior feature ($20 each additional

- Completed turn around time within 36-72 hours of the photo shoot (example: a Saturday shoot (anytime) will be delivered by Sunday 9 pm at the latest, by Tuesday 6 pm)

- All shots get individual editing, digital beauty makeovers, touch-ups and any necessary Photoshop (removing marks on walls or other distracting objects)

I love shooting for clients and helping them to promote their business. It's always truly an honor to see the same photos I've taken, some 5, 7 or even 10 years later and when they comment, "You took the best shots of me ever!"  I hope to make you one of those clients too!


Do you have an incredible studio or location where you teach yoga? Are you trying to reach potential new clients by giving a sense of what it is you offer that stands out from others? A  beautiful studio or location where everyone always tells you how gorgeous the place is?

Let me use my wide-angle lens to get the most amazing capture of your space, then narrow it down to my portrait lens for higher detail, closer up images and with that sublime blurred background (known as bokeh) to make the subject in the foreground, POP!

Let's get someone in frame and capture those Tittibhasana and Padmasana you might be working on to perfect and/or even with some product placement of something you might sell, market or which advertises within your business or simply compliments it. Let's work it all into the shoot and let's see what meaningful art we can create together!

And whatever you do or ultimately decide... Just remember to breathe! Peace and many blessings... Namaste... Om shanti shanti shanti.


This package is for those who want to look like they feel, or better still, look the way the want to feel and be able to feel that way while looking themselves in the photos we create.

Maybe you've worked hard to achieve the body you've always wanted and so, it's time for that photo shoot that you've always wanted and deserve and now the time is right for you to do just that. That's what I do when I shoot boudoir, sensual, nude (incl. implied nude), fetish and erotica.

Whatever idea you might have, let's collaborate on it together and make it a reality.

* The above pricing is based on the difference of whether we are shooting in your home, apartment, preferred location or similar or using a professional studio which is set up specifically to shoot this genre and style of shooting (a place with a large bed, couch, mirrors and props (pillows, sheets, lamps, etc.) that go with that style of shot. The higher-priced amount is due to the rental of the space ( which is not far from Red Bank and much larger than the space I use to shoot for fashion.

* You are always welcome to have a chaperone present for any shoot we do together.


Do you have a product you need to highlight for your latest print ad, webpage or similar? Are you stuck without a logo, design, branding, tagline and so you don't even know where to begin in terms of sketching out what it is your company or product does as a result?

I've shot many products over the years, as well as pitching product ideas to clients who are looking for a new concept or who need a refresh on something outdated. I try to keep the client happy by not only coming up with something fresh but also by including them in the creative process so that the flow and completion come that much quicker.

I will either take an existing product and shoot it in the appropriate location and setting to which it is used or simulate an environment the same through photoshop. This also includes creating mock-up designs of packaging and other variables, depending on what the product is.

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